MEDIVITA Well-being with vitamin spray!


MediVita wellness sprays are suitable for a wide range of life situations. Spraying daily according to the instructions on the packaging as part of a varied diet will help the sun shine on your body.


MediVita is for you who value energetic feeling and body recovery.

In 2019, our passion for health and well-being led us to develop the MediVita product family. We wanted to create a product family that helps people find balance in life and well-being in everyday life.

Especially in the Nordic countries, hectic everyday life and low sun light make it difficult to get vitamins according to the recommendations.

Even if we have a healthy diet and exercise regularly, it is difficult to achieve a balanced level of vitamin, recovery and energy here in the Nordic countries.

We added the ease of use of the product to the idea and were lucky enough to soon find a manufacturer that makes different products in the form of a spray. This is how MediVita vitamin sprays were born into a prosperous life.

”Going to sleep faster with the help of Double sleep by Medivita”


"There is no hangover with the Hangover spray"


"I tired a lot of supplements and vitamins.
This is by far the best i tried.
The oral spray make it so easy and effective."